Map coming...
Waiting for a W3C Geo tagged feed from
U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program

Google AJAX Feed API

  • Show RSS/Atom feeds on your page using only JavaScript. No server side scripting needed.
  • This feed is fetched via Google AJAX Feed API
  • <georss:point> of GeoRSS is available
  • <geo:lat> and <geo:long> of W3C Geo feeds are available
  • The tags can easily be parsed from the feed using getElementsByTagName()
  • The circles are drawn according to those coordinates
  • Circle radius is cubic of M value

Hints for GeoRSS or W3C Geo

  • Choose result format XML_FORMAT because JSON format does not return geotags.
  • Returned W3C Geo tag names are the properties 'lat' and 'long'. Not 'geo:lat' and 'geo:long'.
  • GeoRSS returned tag name is 'point' not 'georss:point'
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